About EngagingMinds

Who we are

EngagingMinds is a leadership development consultancy. We are a group of creative facilitators, trainers and coaches who are passionate about helping companies and organizations develop high performing individuals and teams that are committed to real partnerships across all levels.

We know that effective partnerships are essential to organizational and business success. When people, working together, are truly committed to the success of whatever endeavor they are engaged in, partnership emerges, creativity is unleashed and issues get addressed. Real engagement is the outcome. 

When we work with you, we come as your partners and we are fully committed to the success of your business. We bring you a fresh perspective, grounded in a deep understanding of what actually works in the Human Dimension.


What we do

As partners with our clients, we create customized experiential learning environments that invite participants to explore, imagine, learn, engage and evolve together. 

To do this we use a wide range of experiential learning tools and process, such as Action Learning, Simulations, Games and Role Plays. Everyone gets involved, everyone contributes and everyone learns. Everyone is engaged.

We use experiential learning environments because that is what actually works with adult learners. The tools and experiences we use are all focused on the specific learning objectives our clients need to enhance their business results. In this context, “learning leads to earning.”


Why we’re different

“EngagingMinds” is our brand and our promise. We have deep resources for adult learning, what we call “Leadership DNA” and we apply this to your challenges to ensure you get the kind of engaging leaders that will make your business more successful.

We enable emerging partnerships in your organization that bring true leadership into everyday issues and interactions. We help you develop leaders that know how to lead innovation, how to change the game, how to create teams of champions and foster partnerships across boundaries.

We really listen to you. And then we respond with our best creative solutions so you will feel confident about the outcomes. We don’t bring you theories; we bring you what will work.

EngagingMinds is licensed to deliver:

  • The Organization Workshop from Power+ Systems
  • Personify Leadership from Personify Leadership, Inc.
  • In and Out of the Box from Innogreat, Inc.

EngagingMinds serves large and small companies throughout the Asia-Pacific region and globally.