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Leading by EngagingMinds

Who We Are

EngagingMinds is a
Leadership Development Consultancy.


We are a group of creative facilitators, trainers and coaches who are passionate about helping organizations and individuals develop high-performance teams, partnerships, and systems that are dedicated to excellence at all levels of business. 


When we work with you, we come as your partners;
fully committed to the success of your organization. We bring a fresh perspective, grounded in a deep understanding of what actually works in the Human Dimension.


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What We Do

In short, we develop Leaders.


This involves designing and delivering unique, customized experiential learning environments that invite participants to explore, imagine, learn, engage and evolve together.


We employ a diverse range of experiential learning tools and processes, so that everyone is involved, everyone is engaged, and everyone learns.


EngagingMinds serves large and small organizations throughout the Asia-Pacific region, and look forward to serving you.

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Why We're Different

EngagingMinds is our brand and our promise.


Our wealth of knowledge and training resources, what we call“Leadership DNA”, is complemented by the unmatched quality and richness of our facilitation. 


We really listen to you. And, we respond with our best creative solutions so you can feel confident about the outcomes. Our methods aren’t  theoretical; they are all grounded in what really works. Every EngagingMinds program occurs in the context of an exciting, engaging, and experiential medium to help people master the key skills that make great leaders truly great.

We look forward to Engaging the Minds of your emerging leaders, and putting them and their teams on the fast track to success. Contact us today!