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Corporate / Organizational Learning Events

In this domain, we offer workshops that are designed to develop specific skill-sets and mindsets for groups of executives or individuals working together in the same organization. This includes a variety of learning events, such as:


Engaging an Audience: persuasion and presentation skills training 

Engaging an Audience (also known as “Sizzling Storytelling”)

This popular course is for groups or individuals who wish to develop advanced persuasion and presentation skills that will allow them to confidently build rapport with any audience. In this workshop you can:

  • Discover the real secrets of communicating powerfully. 
  • Forget about “presenting” and learn to tell your story effectively with confidence. 
  • Persuade and influence the audience that matters to you. 
  • Say good-bye to Powerpoint and other sleep-inducing formats. 
  • Take your audience on a ride they will always remember.
  • Individual coaching from veteran communication professionals. 

Format: typically a one-day workshop experience for up to 6 participants.

Note: can also be customized to meet specific learning objectives; for example half-day formats for beginners, larger groups with multiple trainers, etc. 

Engaging to Win: Simulation-driven negotiation training 

Engaging to Win. Negotiation Training

In this fast-paced simulation-driven workshop, participants first learn the keys to effective negotiations and then immediately test their skills in an action-packed simulation, customized for their own situation. 

  • Why many negotiators fail to meet their objectives
  • Fundamentals of ‘win-win’ negotiating
  • The skills and mindsets of professional negotiators
  • How to research and prepare for a negotiation
  • Negotiating under pressure in a high-stakes simulation
  • Feedback and debrief for ongoing learning

Format: team-based one day workshop experience for up to 12 participants. Can be customized to meet the specific learning needs of your organization or team.

Engaging the Media: Media Spokesperson Training 

Engaging the Media: Media Spokesperson Training

In this workshop participants learn the realities of communicating with the media in both good times and bad and they learn what it actually takes to deliver key messages via major media channels.  

  • Participants will learn the “why, what, and how” in an experiential setting using video playback with debrief and individual feedback.
  • Customized messages for your issue situation or environment.
  • The trainer has been teaching these methods to senior executives from multinational companies in Asia-Pacific since 1989.  
  • Warning: the EngagingMinds approach to media training is fast-paced and fun.  

Format: Half-day or one-day workshop for up to 6 participants.

Engaging a Crisis: Simulation-driven crisis response workshop to develop high-performing crisis teams. 

Engaging a Crisis: “Developing high-performing crisis teams.”

  • Simulation-driven crisis response workshop experience to develop high-performing crisis teams before a crisis hits. 
  • High-intensity, customized scenarios based on your most likely issues.
  • Scenarios that highlight organizational weakness in crisis response allowing you to develop an effective crisis response system.
  • Build confidence in your team’s ability to effectively address crisis and issues that threaten the organization.

Format. For optimum results, we recommends 3-day immersion process for members of the crisis team. One and two-day programs also available. Up to 15 participants.

Engaging Creativity: “Removing the chains from the brains.” Unleashing creativity and innovation in teams. 

Engaging Creativity: “Removing the chains from the brains.” 

  • Unleashing creativity and innovation in teams, systematically.
  • Participants learn all about creativity, where it comes from, what blocks it and how to unleash it, whenever there is a need.
  • Proven tools and processes that lead to idea generation and creative solutions. 
  • This experience unleashes creativity you never suspected was there and empowers people to generate new possibilities together in a team format.
  • Caution: This ‘creative hothouse’  experience is fast, furious and fun.

Format: half-day or one day workshop for up to 25 persons.

Engaging Delegation: “Delegation that works.”  

Engaging Delegation: “Delegation that works.”

  • Participants learn the principles of effective delegation and a model that results in true collaborative work styles in an organization. 
  • By learning to negotiate the terms of delegation explicitly and respectfully, participants will be able to greatly increase the certainty of outcomes they are expecting from delegation while building trust at the same time.  
  • This is a proven and powerful model of delegation that has stood the test of time. 
  • It is the antidote to “dump and run” delegation, which we call “dump-legation.” 
  • Participants learn quickly and immediately apply the delegation model in role plays and practice sessions. 
  • Transformative, builds trust and creates new openings for collaboration.

Format: one-day workshop for up to 25 participants.

Engaging Applied Strategic Thinking: Gaming simulation that teaches teams how to think strategically together, under pressure. Licensed by CMOE *

Engaging Applied Strategic Thinking: 

  • Fast-paced simulation that teaches teams how to think strategically together, under pressure. 
  • CMOE’s Applied Strategic Thinking workshop helps individuals become forward thinking and supports business units to be better able to develop strategies that drive bottom line results.
  • Teams learn to balance daily tactical pressures with strategic initiatives.
  • Individuals discover new sources of motivation and excitement in their work.
  • Promotes the discovery of innovative solutions.
  • Applied Strategic Thinking workshop is built on adult learning principles and is highly experiential. An added bonus is that is amazing fun. 
  • Includes assessments that reveal strengths and development opportunities for each participant.

Format: Half-day and one day formats are available. EngagingMinds is licensed to deliver CMOE’s Applied Strategic Thinking workshop.

Engaging Teams: high-impact team-building simulations 

Engaging Teams: High-impact team-building simulations.

  • If you want to build a high-performance team where the stakes are high, ask
  • EngagingMinds to help you design an ongoing team-performance program.
  • We don’t promise overnight miracles because that’s not realistic.
  • We can promise that strong, effective teams will emerge over 2-3 months of ongoing training together.

Contact EngagingMinds for a consultation today.

TIPS2 Performance Coaching.: Licensed by CMOE. *

TIPS2 Performance Coaching, licensed by CMOE.

Participants develop a number of critical coaching competencies during the Coaching TIPS2 Workshop that are practical and immediately applicable on the job:

  • Maximize on-the-job performance by helping team members to make improvements and positive changes.
  • Motivate others to actively seek out opportunities to contribute more of themselves to the business.
  • Help others to develop the behaviors and competencies needed to achieve desired business results.
  • Help people accept, adjust to, and acquire ownership of organizational change.
  • Resolve differences, handle team-member resistance, and confront excuses.
  • Conduct developmental discussions and non-performance related coaching conversations with confidence.
  • Build positive and supportive relationships with team members.

If you are looking for a highly effective coaching model that leaders and managers can use to improve individual performance, contact EngagingMinds to learn more about TIPS.

Engaging the Organization: Customized facilitated corporate events to address specific organizational development objectives. 

Engaging the Organization: Customized facilitated corporate events to address specific organizational objectives. We offer a comprehensive service for corporate event planning and execution, including:

  • Event research, planning, design and execution
  • Incorporating the full range of our organizational development expertise
  • Designed to meet your specific organizational objectives

Contact us for more information and to arrange an appointment.

Engaging Open Space: Harnessing the creative power of the greater organization to address urgent issues, corporate change, where much is at stake and the deadline is yesterday. 

Open Space Facilitation: “When the stakes are very high and the deadline is yesterday.”

  • Harnessing the creative power of the greater organization to address urgent issues, corporate change, strategic planning.
  • David Chard is a certified Open Space facilitator, trained by Harrison Owen, the originator of the Open Space. 
  • Open Space has proved to be an effective method for catalyzing organizational success in situations where nothing else is working and the deadline for results is yesterday. 

Format: 2-3 day off-site sessions for up to several hundred participants.

Engaging Diversity: “A window of opportunity” for any organization or team to learn how to appreciate the power of diversity and leverage it on behalf of team performance.  

Engaging Diversity: “A window of opportunity” for any organization or team to learn how to appreciate the power of diversity and leverage it on behalf of team performance. 

  • Organizations are increasingly diverse and team members need to learn how to see diversity as an opportunity rather than as an obstacle. 
  • This experiential workshop is based in part on applying  the “Johari Window” in the context of fast paced, fun exercises that allow participants to really understand diversity and get to know each other at a much deeper level. 
  • The outcome is better teamwork and retention due to increased trust and sharing among the members. 

Format: one-day workshop for up to 25 participants.

* Center for Management and Organizational Excellence


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