TIPS Performance Coaching: Transforming Managers into Coaches

Why This Course?

Because "managing" and "supervising" are dinosaur paradigms that do not create effective engagement and predictable business results. And because, in the words of Peter Drucker "thought workers cannot be managed...they can only be led." Performance coaching is the new model of leadership and people development. To be competitive and retain the best people, you need managers with real leadership skills and attitudes.

Participants Learn:

What coaching is and what it is not
Who should be coached and when to coach...and when not to coach
The most common mistakes coaches make and how to avoid them
A research-based 8 Step Model of coaching used globally by Fortune 100 corporations
How to coach--via multiple practice sessions with feedback in real-time
How to start being a coach, immediately and with confidence

Who Should Attend

Managers, sales people, executives---anyone who is expected to develop people to their full potential in a paradigm of win-win partnerships. If you have ever wondered how you can become a real coaching partner to your people, this is the course for you.