Communicating at the Speed of Trust

Why This Course?

 Without trust among the players, businesses pay “The Trust Tax”---the cost in lost productivity and high turnover that comes from low engagement in the workplace. The annual cost of low engagement in the US alone is around US$350 billion per year. Communication breakdowns, internal and external are the leading cause of business ineffectiveness, and the perception by customers that your organization is not really up to speed. Applicable to all business, this course is especially relevant for service-based businesses and professional services firms.

Participants Learn:

• New ways to understand “Trust” that empower increased trust among colleagues
• A “SMART” model of communicating in all circumstances that greatly reduces miscommunication and helps everyone “get it right the first time.”
• A powerful model of delegating that brings high certainty to the outcomes.
• Tangible ways to apply these principles even to email and text communication
New and practical ways to create involvement across all stakeholder groups

Who Should Attend:

Emerging leaders and managers, customer service staff, secretaries, sales people; anyone that can benefit from learning highly effective communication practices that build trust across all stakeholder groups.