Activating People: The Power of Enrollment and Delegating

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Why This Course?

Very few leaders and managers truly understand how to consistently engage and enroll their people and lead them to higher performance levels. Most delegation consists of "dumping" work on people and the results are predictably poor. For business success, you need leaders and manager who can authentically engage and connect with employees on a daily basis. It is time to equip people with the skills that make them competent to lead projects and initiatives to successful outcomes, every time.

Participants Learn:

Why most delegation fails to achieve the intended outcomes
Why Activating people requires true engagement and involvement from both parties
How, specifically, to enroll people in new responsibility such that they are inspired and committed to achieving the needed outcomes
The power of SMART communication applied to all business and personal conversations
How to ensure achieving desired outcomes when "the world changes"
That true Activation must include the right of both parties to "push back" until tasks and projects are understood with complete clarity

Who Should Attend:

Everyone! Senior executives, team leaders and their teams, managers, sales people---anyone in the organization upon whose successful performance your business depends. This is a model that takes leaders to a higher level of understanding and competence as catalysts for engagement.