Engaging Creatitvity

Featured Events are a great learning experience for young leaders in your organization!

Why This Course?

For business success in our fast-changing world, you need your people to be able to take on complex challenges with cutting-edge creativity. Sadly, demanding "better results" without helping people to go "outside the box" is simply not very effective. Engaging Creativity catalyzes creativity in teams and provides a reliable toolkit and effective mindsets that will unleash the creative power of people across all functions.

Participants Learn:

What stops individuals and teams from being creative
The mindsets of the world's most creative people
The most effective creative processes and tools to take thinkers beyond the box of limited thinking
How to convert "the impossible" to the possible...every day
How to use an atmosphere of fun to help everyone engage their creative powers, to the benefit of the business

Who Should Attend?

In our experience, creativity training works best when participants come from all parts of the organization. Why? Because creative breakthroughs often depend on the presence of diverse perspectives. Our recommendation: bring diverse groups of individuals to this experience and see the magic emerge.