Engaging Systems & Partnership

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Why This Course?

Can you imagine the costs of ineffective partnerships in business organizations? When everything depends on people working closely together in cross-functional partnerships...what often emerges is a kind of "organizational warfare." The cost to businesses is staggering. Vast sums of money are left on the table. Engaging Systems empowers people to see through their own stories and experience their part in making partnerships work. Instead of changing the people, why not change the way people see each other and help them to move beyond the normal warfare and politics that undermine organizational effectiveness?

Participants Learn:

A new model of partnership that truly empowers people and business
Why partnerships break down and how to keep them alive
A new way of "seeing the whole system" of any organization that breaks down silos and builds bridges between people.
How to restore empathy for all parts of the organization and why things that often seem personal are usually not personal at all
Highly practical strategies for building and maintaing strong and effective partnerships among all parts of the organization

Who Should Attend

Existing or new project teams, managers and leaders, cross-functional colleagues, front line employees. Engaging Systems is highly effective for diverse groups from throughout the organization whose cross-functional engagement and partnership is critical for organizational effectiveness.