Engaging Your Audience

Why This Course? Because the vast majority of "presentations" fall flat and leave audiences unmoved and unsatisfied. Contemporary audiences have a maximum attention span of 10-15 minutes for traditional presentations. Engaging Your Audience ensures that speakers are able to connect credibly and convincingly with their audiences in the first minutes and hold their attention in ways that ensure buy-in. Based on the most effective principles of story-telling and a well-researched toolkit, Sizzling Storytelling gives presenters an "Unfair Advantage" as business communicators.

Participants Learn:
• The secrets of hijacking audience attention and keeping them hooked from start to finish.
• Structures that ensure effective delivery, based on how the human mind actually works.
• Research-based guidelines for preparing a compelling story or presentation to fit your goals as well as audience needs.
• How to harness the power of metaphor, to communicate complexity fast and much more.

 Who Should Attend: Executives, leaders, managers, sales and business development people---anyone for whom effective public speaking and presenting is key to business development and business reputation.