Individual Programs

Leadership Development Courses for Individuals.



Our flagship leadership development course in this domain is called “Engaging the Future.” Participants are primarily self-paying individuals, coming from a variety of professional backgrounds and who share a number of traits in common:

  • Ready to invest in their   own leadership competencies on a self-paid basis.
  • Having a strong desire to learn and grow rapidly as leaders now…and unwilling to ‘wait’ for their employers to invest in their career development.
  • Wanting to develop multiple leadership skill sets in the context of a continuous and challenging journey of self-discovery.


Click HERE to find six engaging reasons that you should Engage your Future, and undertake a dynamic journey of self-discovery, 

Engaging the Future

Engaging the Future is a journey of learning and discovery for those who truly aspire to lead with excellence. It is a journey that, once started, never really ends.

Engaging the Future