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At Zappos, Culture Pays Off

Weirdness may not be the first thing that comes to mind when you think of shoe retailing, but then again neither are things like innovation, massive growth, or a large payoff from a huge acquisition. All of those apply to Zappos, however, where a little weirdness — combined with faith that putting extraordinary Corporate communications, Zappos-style. As cofounder of the Internet advertising network LinkExchange and of an incubator firm that invested in Web startups, Tony Hsieh saw firsthand the dysfunction that can arise from building a company in which technical skill is all that matters. When he joined Zappos, Hsieh was determined that it would be different — that its success would be informed primarily by an unorthodox and comparatively benign culture.

Meet Joanna Hsu: Your Genius Coach in Greater China

EngagingMinds recommends Joanna Hsu, professional Genius coach, facilitator and leadership trainer. She says “the aim of coaching is to help people see choices.” Joanna has lived in Vancouver, Taipei, Hong Kong, and is now in Shanghai. Taking her experience from working in North America and Asia Pacific with multi-nationals and local companies, she uses her diverse corporate background to help people improve performance. It’s important to achieve results; it’s important to enjoy the process.

EngagingMinds Blog: Ongoing conversations on what really matters in leadership.

The EngagingMinds Blog is dedicated to ongoing conversations about what really matters when it comes to developing conscious leaders who can have real impact in our world.

Engaging the Future: New Adventures in Leadership

A completely new approach to developing yourself as a leader. Based 100% on what works, not on theories.

Corporate Donkey Farming: A Road to Nowhere

Many people find that modern corporations are not so different from what goes on in the comic strip Dilbert, by Scott Adams. Clueless managers, whacky leaders, lost employees...an endless hell in Career Land. Why is this so? What can you do about it? How to become a leader that creates conscious leaders, not donkeys.