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EngagingMinds Worldwide, Inc., based in Taipei, has been serving MNC clients in the Asia-Pacific Region since 2010, with a very successful track record. And, in recent years, we’ve noticed that companies are facing serious budget pressures when it comes to training and leadership development. As a result, they prefer not to pay for travel and accommodation expenses for facilitators from other geographies, and tend to source locally. And that makes perfect sense.

But, what if that obstacle could be removed and you could get reduced rates at the same time?

A Very Special Offer. In response to this, we are inviting you to consider us as your partner in Leadership Development, under a very special offer, for engagements during the next 12 months. This includes some of our most popular and powerful programs such as:

Engaging Your Audience: Learn to “Talk Like Ted” as a masterful storyteller, instead of ‘presenting.’ Based on my 25+ years in the communications industry, as a communications and media trainer, and sharing the skills I used to sell many millions of dollars in business. Participants learn to transform ‘presentations’ into compelling stories, and deliver them with persuasive impact, for business results. The skills learned in this unique program are essential for leaders to become persuasive communicators. Includes intensive video-capture and playback. 2-days, limited to 10 persons. http://www.engagingminds.biz/engaging-your-audience-program.html

Seeing Systems Workshop. (also known as “The Organization Workshop.”) I have been a certified facilitator of this amazing workshop since 2010. It has been field-tested by organizational expert Barry Oshry of Power and Systems, for over 35 years, in every country in the world. Many blue chip MNC’s consider this the foundation of any leadership development program. It reliably produces a paradigm shift for participants, enabling them overcome ‘system-blindness’ and once again ‘see’ the organization they are in. It opens up a whole new way of understanding leadership. Up to 50 persons can participate in this high-energy simulation. Half-day and full-day sessions are available. Note: In the CIA, all potential leaders must attend this workshop. More information: http://www.engagingminds.biz/seeing-systems.html

Your Business at the Speed of Trust. This is a high-fun experience that wakes leaders and their teams up to the power of Trust, where it comes from, how it is lost, how to establish it and how to maintain it at both personal and team levels. Participants learn the most effective model of delegating, that creates trust while developing people. An unforgettable experience to energize leaders and teams. Up to 30 persons, one-day format. More information: http://www.engagingminds.biz/your-business-at-the-speed-of-trust.html

Leading Yourself, Unstoppably. (Also known as “The Unstoppable Workshop.”) Developed by EngagingMinds to reconnect leaders with their own power, with deep dives into Self-Awareness, Self-Talk, Self-Compassion, Overcoming Limiting Beliefs and Limiting Stories. Designed as a 2.5 day experience, it is ideal for leadership retreats. This is a unique and powerful experience for people at all levels. How can people lead others if they can’t lead themselves? This workshop brings my new book, “Being Unstoppable” to life. Also available in 2-day format. More information: https://unstoppable.zone/the-unstoppable-workshop/

Blue Dot Coaching. This is limited to those who have experienced the “Seeing Systems Workshop.’ Building on the powerful learnings in the Seeing Systems Workshop, this highly engaging program leads participants to develop powerful coaching mindsets and skillsets that will unleash their abilities to effectively develop people. Lots of hands-on practice. This is ideally delivered back-to-back with the Seeing Systems Workshop. Experience the power of the Blue Dot! One-day and 2-day formats, for up to 25 participants. More information:Ask us!

So, What’s Our Very Special Offer? I’m glad you asked! On a first-come, first-served basis, we will accept engagements for the above programs, and others, under these very special terms:

We absorb all travel and accommodation expenses. That’s right, we will fly to your location in the Asia-Pacific region to deliver for you, and charge only for professional fees and production costs. So, there is no barrier to using us, even though we are not based in your geography. You get the best of our world-class facilitation and design, but without paying a premium, at reduced rates.

    We offer you fixed professional fees based on the number of delivery days. That means:
  • Half-day: USD3000.
  • Full Day: USD4000
  • Two-Days: USD6500.
  • 2.5 days: USD8000.
  • 3 days: Ask us!

You Cover Out-of-Pocket Expenses, at Cost. That’s right, we will provide all workshop materials and other production expenses, at cost, sourced locally, with no mark-ups. These expenses will vary, depending on which program you choose. We will make all expenses transparent to you and you may also have the option to pay directly to any local vendors.

Payment Terms: 30 days after delivery, by wire transfer to our account in Taiwan. And remember, since you are paying offshore, there will be no local taxes involved. This can be discussed, but we will give priority to clients that can pay in 30 days. For 60-day terms, we will charge an additional 5% on the professional fee.

Why Are We Making this Offer? We want to book the next 12 months and focus on great deliveries, and reduce our sales and marketing costs. We understand your budgets are under pressure, and want to save you money. And we want to be busy doing what we love to do. And because we want to make it easy for you to choose EngagingMinds as your partner in Leadership Development now, at a price you can afford.

How Does it Work? We will accept up to 15 new engagements for the period August 1, 2019 through July 31, 2020, booked in the next 60 days, on a first-come, first-served basis. The offer will expire as soon as we have booked 15 new engagements, which could be sooner than 60 days. This is a perishable offer! So, we invite you to contact us right away with your requirements and make your booking while the offer lasts.

What if We Have Special Needs? EngagingMinds is well-known as a full-service leadership development consultancy. We are committed, as your partner, to developing and fine-tuning the program that works for you. You will still receive our full-service commitment: this is not affected by this special offer.

Please Keep in Mind. In the past 10 years, our rates have been much higher. Since 2010, our minimum fee for any part of a day has been USD5000, plus travel and accommodation and expenses. This special offer represents a major commitment to offer our customers the best possible value for money.

Multiple Engagements in the Next 12 Months. If you book us for 3 or more engagements over the next 12 months, we will offer you an additional 10% price reduction. We can even develop a 12-month leadership development program for you.

What if We Need Something Else? No problem. We are a consultancy. Within the range of our competence, we can custom-create leadership development experiences for you at no additional cost. Just reach out to EngagingMinds and will get you a proposal you will love. Because of our deep experience, we have the ability to co-create a custom delivery to meet your needs.

What if We Haven’t Fully Decided Our Requirements? No problem. You can make an initial payment of USD1500 to secure this offer, if paid in the next 60 days. Then we will work with you to get you what you need, at a time that works for you.

But We Aren’t Located in Asia-Pacific. Again, no problem. We make the same offer for deliveries in Europe, Australia and North America, for an additional USD750 surcharge.

My Passion: Leadership Development. I have many decades of experience working as a leader in multinational companies. I have seen the failures of leaders who did not understand what it takes to harness the motivation of their people, to engage them in meaningful ways. And I have learned what it takes to engage the minds of people in organizations, so they will give their best. As a result, I am passionate about developing conscious leaders who can develop more conscious leaders. I have the qualifications to tell the war stories, and to open hearts and minds to the possibilities of authentic leadership. As long as I’m breathing, this will be my focus.

Call Me Anytime: I’m available at +886-972-796-753 and I’m always happy to hear from you. Tell me what you want to achieve, your challenges, and your budget, and I will work to get you what you need. I’m also on WhatsApp. Or email me, david@engagingminds.biz, and I will call you.

Thank You…for considering our special offer. We look forward to serving you as your committed partner in Leadership Development.


David Chard

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