8-Skill Coaching Model


"A two-way communication process between team members, aimed at developing skills, motivation, attitude, judgment, or ability to perform, and the willingness to contribute to an organization’s goals."

8 Skill coaching is a program that rapidly enhances participants' confidence and skill level as high-performance coaches in the workplace through immersion in simulations, role-plays and a series of hands-on experiential learning exercises facilitated by master trainer David Chard.

Skillful coaching is a crucial part of developing high-performing employees, but not every coaching model is equally effective. What sets the 8 Skill Coaching model apart is that it is based on what works in the real world. The process is highly experiential, and participants know that they can immediately put this model and the skills it teaches to use in the workplace. 

With continued practice after receiving this training, participants can confidently build a team of champions to take your business wherever you want it to go. EngagingMinds offers this course in 1 and 2-day formats.

CMOE's 8-Skill Coaching model is based on research that came from actual observation of the behavior of exceptionally and naturally skillful coaches in actual working environments. The model is NOT theoretical, but action-based and designed for practical application. We strongly recommend the 2-day format of this course, as it provides a more in-depth experience to support emerging coaching skills. 

EngagingMinds' featured 8-Skill Coaching training has the potential to transform any organization.  8-Skill Coaching is based on 35 years of ongoing research by The Center for Management and Organization Excellence (CMOE.) EngagingMinds' is a licensee of this program and can train coaches as well as coach-trainers (Train-the-Trainer.)


EngagingMinds now has all materials for 8 Skill Coaching available in English, as well as traditional and simplified Chinese.

EngagingMinds also offers a condensed version of the 8 Skill Coaching model (TIPS), perfect for those who are interested in a simpler experience- lighter on content, but just as engaging and even more focused on experiential learning and immersion


CONTACT: To learn more about how 8 Skill Coaching can help you with your business and organizational development objectives, please contact EngagingMinds at info@engagingminds.biz or david@engagingminds.biz