The Organization Workshop

"The Organization Workshop is an astonishing and reliable process. I've experienced it in several different cultures and amongst very different people. It never fails to reveal the dynamics of leadership and power in organizations that are universal."
                                                                                                -Margaret Wheatley
                                                                Author of "Leadership and the New Science"

EngagingMindsfeatured “Organization Workshop” is a business simulation that provides a unique experiential learning opportunity for emerging leaders and managers. If you are about to launch a leadership development program, this is the place from which to begin. It is fast-paced, highly-engaging and fun.

The purpose of The Organization Workshop is for participants to share an intense interactive activity around human systems dynamics that allows them to examine:

  • How the organization is experienced from the perspective of top executives, middle managers, workers and customers
  • How being in these different conditions influences behavioral choices
  • How partnership is maintained or lost across organizational lines and how to create strategic partnerships on an ongoing basis
  • How their own behaviors impact those around them
  • How we reflexively fall into traps that inhibit our ability to integrate across the organization
  • How partnership across boundaries (i.e., levels, functions, departments, organizations) increases productivity and overall satisfaction

The Organization Workshop was crafted by Barry Oshry, best-selling author of “Seeing Systems” and president of Power+Systems based on 35 years of research and development. EngagingMinds Worldwide is the only certified licensee of this program in the Asia-Pacific region. The course is led by 30-year business veteran, David Chard, who was trained personally by Barry Oshry.

We offer this rich leadership development experience in 1-day and 2-day formats, depending on customer needs. 

Participation. The workshop is designed for, and can accommodate, a wide variety of participant groups — intact teams, cross-functional groups, project teams, executive and management teams, and start-up groups, among others. Key internal and external customers and suppliers can also be invited to participate, lending an additional level of whole-system learning.

Results participants can expect to come away with:

  • A solid understanding of human systems dynamics – what powerful systems look like, what regularly gets in the way of their developing, and their roles as leaders in creating them
  • A greater recognition of the issues others in the system face, thereby interacting with them in more constructive ways
  • Strategies for developing powerful, productive partnerships up, down and across organizational lines
  • A roadmap for developing a strong cadre of peers in the middle and top

 Organization Workshop Client Testimonials

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